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“The TeamSpeal Experience was developed and designed for the everyday CrossFitter looking to have a fun, and informative experience with Chris Spealler.”  That’s the tag line right off of Crossfit Park City’s web page.  After attending the TeamSpeal Experience, I can tell you it was much more.  It was awesome!

The format was perfect.  Spealler kept the group small (so sign up fast) and pushed an “open conversation” format.  He spoke about his journey, from young wrestler to a seven-time CrossFit Games competitor. He shared with us his motivations, not just in general, but why he wanted to complete a specific lift, or WOD.

There was a discussion where Spealler described the path that links Beginners, Intermediate, and Elite CrossFitters.  Describing each step along the path, he outlined the sacrifices a CrossFitter must make to advance.  Family. Time. Priorities. Decision making.  The group was riveted to every word.  His delivery was without ego or judgement. He gave the impression that, whether Beginner, Intermediate, or Elite, we are all CrossFitters; all on the same journey and therefor equals in our quest for better fitness.

“Spealler” became “Chris” when he took the group to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.  While standing in line, waiting to order, a gentlemen asked if we were a CrossFit team.  It was clear the man didn’t know who Chris Spealler was.  Chris just smiled and answered yes, we were CrossFitters.

After lunch, discussions centered on realistic goal setting.  It was a great eye-opener.  We all want to get better at everything. Let’s face it, most of us need a lot of work in more than a handful of movements.  Chris was very clear on one point.  Your standard, everyday workout, based on “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement” is the basis of any good fitness regimen.  He then outlined what it takes to move beyond a baseline of General Physical Preparedness to more advanced fitness.  Yep, a real eye-opener.

That led to the discussion of balance and priorities.  While trying to turn our fitness dreams into goals, we must face the reality that there are family, friends, the day job and many other things that hold our lives together.  Chris shared his personal challenges and experiences with this topic.

And yes, we got to workout with a seven-time CrossFit Games competitor.  Even the warmup was a blast.  He also took time to coach us on specific movements the group felt they needed help on.  For me, I PRed my handstand pushups and snatch the week after I returned home.

Let me close by saying that the TeamSpeal experience was the best thing I’ve done with CrossFit so far.  It changed my approach to training and helped me integrate workouts into my weekly schedule while minimizing conflict.  Keep an eye on to see when the next TeamSpeal Experience will be held.  Don’t miss it.

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