Tommy Kono Knee Bands (TK Bands)

Brad gets down!

Brad gets down!

Air squats, wall balls, back squats, front squats, over-head squats, squats with kettlebells, the dreaded “pistol”.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of squat we are doing, most of us Masters Athletes are working to get our squat lower than it seems to want to go.  This results in hesitation on lowering into a squat, whether under weight or not.  You don’t have to have knees problems.  Hesitation just comes with age.

One thing that helps greatly with this hesitation is using Tommy Kono Knee Bands, affectionately known as TK Bands.  These things are great!!  The 1/4 inch thick neoprene fabric hugs your knees and gives a feeling of real stability.  A friend and I noticed that we don’t hesitate to drop into a squat while wearing the TKs.  This saves time and energy in lifts and wods.

They are also a huge plus with full squat cleans, full squat snatches and over-head squats.

The TK Bands not only provide support but keep your knees warmed up.  Yeah, you will sweat under them, but it’s worth it.

One complaint: they tend to tear at the edge.  Both my friend Brad and I experienced tears at the upper edge.  I think I caught mine with the bar on a deadlift.  But I looked past this, because the support is so great, and bought another pair.

Why TK Bands over other brands?  The thickness.  They just feel like you get more support.

You can buy a pair for $39.95 on the Rogue Fitness website.  Give them a try.  You will love them.  I have been using them for over a year.

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    • Brian,

      We did “Karen” (150 wall balls for time) at the gym the other day. Those TK Bands where a huge help!

      Happy workouts,

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