2016 – Set Your New Personal Record!

Happy New Year, Masters Athletes!

Did you set new fitness goals?  So many people get stuck on “I want to lose weight”, or “I’m going to drink less”, or “….quit smoking”…….

As Masters Athletes, we have moved beyond that. Now we are looking for personal records (PRs).  Some want to run a faster 5k or marathon.  Others are looking for a heavier lift.  A first pull-up or muscle-up. Some want to graduate from sprint triathlons to a full IronMan. One way or another, if you are a Masters Athlete, you have a goal.  A goal that will exceed your performance in 2015.

Whether you’ve read Tom Rath’s book or follow the works of Dr. Greg Wells, you all know you must eat better, move better and sleep better to gain greater human performance.  Heck, even if you don’t know Mr. Rath or Dr. Wells, it’s purely common sense.  But beyond that, there is one more thing we all need to do to attain our PRs.  Share your goals  with family and friends!  You don’t have to give specifics, but share the fact that you have goals and those goals are your priority.

If you’re like me, your training schedule pushes the limits of time management.  Do you already feel as though you’re spending more time working out than you should when measured against work, family and friends? Solve the problem by sharing your fitness goals.

Here’s my suggestion.  Build a weekly schedule and share it with your spouse or significant other.  If you have a coach, share your fitness goals with them and go over your time schedule to make sure you’ve allotted enough time to meet those goals.

Most of us keep our goals to ourselves. Try sharing them for 2016. It may elevate the time problem.  It will also add a level of accountability to assist with motivation!

Happy Workouts in 2016,



4 thoughts on “2016 – Set Your New Personal Record!

  1. This is a late comment on my 2016 goal, set in January (I was standing in the freezing cold, in eastern Ukraine, looking over a check point where displaced people were crossing from a non-government controlled area). I was with 4 other local staff and as we stood there discussing routes or something, al of them “lit up” a cigarette. I moved away from the second hand smoke and decided to get a closer look at the check point . . . New Years had just past and I was back to 12 & 14 hour work days and my diet had moved into heavy meals of meat and potatoes covered in thick creamy sauces all washed down with two to three beers. Hell, thinking about it, I was no better than the cigarette smokers I was with. Over the past couple of months I had let myself go – that realization led to a rapid change. That evening I surfed the net and found a half marathon and decided to sign up. I know myself, I can justify laziness by ignoring what my gut is telling me. My mind always tries to find the easy way out – but my gut fights back. That is why I feel that paying the fee, getting the membership, joining the group always is a good thing. I have since signed up (paid the fee) for 2 more marathons. And I do not like the idea of wasting the money. My diet has moved to more basic salads and beans and fruits. And work? Well I am used to taking care of my job needs, but this year I am focusing on my needs. It is a first but it’s my goal.

  2. After a very cold winter in eastern Ukraine – my 2016 goal is finally gaining momentum. I signed up for a marathon, paid the fee and obligated myself to the goal of running more and preparing. I really don’t want to be embarrassed by dragging myself across the finish line after the take-down event crew has arrived. I am over 50 and I feel better than I did when I was 40. Diet has been a struggle because the winter months tend to be a time when I want to eat heavy meals and wash it down with a beer(s). So the struggle has been to focus on what my gut tells me I need versus peer pressure from all the out of shape people I work with. Good luck to me . . .

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